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Healthy Tequeños

With Organic Chia

The  Healthy  Cheese  Tequeno  is  a  low  sodium  cheese  stick  rolled  by  dough with  wheat  brand  and  chia  seed,  cooked  at  350  ºF  and  frozen  to  -20º F to maintain high quality.

Healthy Tequeños with nutritional properties, made with whole dough, whole bran, and Chia, pre-cooked, stuffed with fresh white cheese low in sodium.

Aimed at people who want to take care of their health, athletes, and people who have a particular health condition, and all those people who want to eat a delicious snack without remorse. 

Healthy Tequeños besides being a rich snack create a feeling of fullness.  One of the main ingredients, Chia, due to the high content of Omega 3, helps lower cholesterol and eliminates fats in the body.

The whole bran also helps the digestive process. The protein contains in the low in sodium cheese helps to regenerate muscle tissue. 

Healthy Tequeños are a delicious and fun snack, and they have a delightful flavor.

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Box 8 Units

Masterbox with 12 boxes / 12.5 in X 8.75 in X 6.25 in / 157 Masterboxes per pallet

Box 50 Units

10.25 in x 10.00 in x 3.25 in / 320 Boxes per pallet

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